DGTL12002 Week 4

The Johnny Cash Project site overview. www.thejohnnycashproject.com

The Johnny Cash project was from the brilliant minds of Aaron Koblin and Chris Milk as a way for fans to pay tribute to their idol in a positive and meaningful way. As like Aaron Koblin’s other website the Ten Thousand Cents, people can contribute an image for a frame of the video. These frames can than be tagged with information that allows the viewer to have a completely different experience. Tags include top voted, director curated, realistic, abstract and more. The innovation of using the crowd sourcing techniques and strategies he had acquired from other projects he has worked on, and be able to apply to other peoples works has made for a very interesting and appealing way to have people connect and share.

The viewer can watch as the inspiration of the artist unfold before their eyes, as a replay of the frame being created from start to finish can be viewed by holding the cursor over the frame. Innovation and creativity through the collective consciousness, especially when the people are working towards the same goal or love, really allows for some breath taking and ground breaking ideas, coupled with connectivity and speed allowed for through the internet and there is no end to the possibilities of what can be created through crowd sourcing and HTML 5.


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