DGTL12002 Week 1

Social Media Landscape 2011

A look at the social media landscape from Fred Cavazza’s Blog

For work I engage in social media to inform customers of newly available information or links to relevant information for later perusal. More often than not I will use Facebook to facilitate other media or information to participants of the Facebook page of the company, i.e. people that have actively sort out or are connected with the software through liking the page or going to it and seeing what is on the wall. Some clients are part of a program that allows them access to a weekly product training video, and Facebook allows me to tell them that email with the link has been sent to their inbox. A good example is Fred Cavazza’s Social Media Landscape 2011 info graphic that shows Facebook as a hub that connects other social media platforms. Outside of work I have little interaction with Facebook apart from catching up with friends that I do not see regularly as I have moved from my hometown 2 years ago, however using Facebook to communicate is rare, as I have other forms of communication I prefer.


Cavazza, F. 2007, Social Media Landscape. 14 December 2010. FredCavazza.net. Available from: http://www.fredcavazza.net/2010/12/14/social-media-landscape-2011/ [7 July 2013].


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