Monthly Archives: July 2013

DGTL12002 Week 5

I have always wanted to visit Las Vegas, Nevada. I have especially wanted to visit the world famous comedy clubs. This Google maps top down view shows Ballys Resort and Casino which has Ballys Comedy Club as part of the resort. Every year the Mongol rally is held that helps people raise money for worthwhile […]

DGTL12002 Week 4

The Johnny Cash Project site overview. The Johnny Cash project was from the brilliant minds of Aaron Koblin and Chris Milk as a way for fans to pay tribute to their idol in a positive and meaningful way. As like Aaron Koblin’s other website the Ten Thousand Cents, people can contribute an image for […]

DGTL12002 Week 3

‘Best Job in the World’ advertising was a brilliant way to use a limited budget of 1.2 million dollars and use the creativity of people, the world wide exposure of television and the networking afforded by the internet. Though the world was facing a Global Financial Crisis and then the Great Recession, the job garnered […]

DGTL12002 Week 2

As of May 2013, Facebook has an estimated 1.1 billion users and due to this large number security is paramount and to ensure this there is a number of options for users to set in order to stop unwanted access. These options include a code generator, where every time a person logs onto Facebook it […]

DGTL12002 Week 1

For work I engage in social media to inform customers of newly available information or links to relevant information for later perusal. More often than not I will use Facebook to facilitate other media or information to participants of the Facebook page of the company, i.e. people that have actively sort out or are connected […]